Life-Changing? I Hope!


To be 100% honest with you, my house is a disaster zone right now. And I’m a mile behind in my goals. There are piles of stuff in my bedroom, on the kitchen table, in the office/nursery, and small little collections of “stuff” in the rest of the house waiting to be organized or dealt with at some point in the future.

And even if I were to go clean, it wouldn’t help for long. Those ominous piles mysteriously reappear every time.

I don’t want to live like this. I don’t want to be in a constant state of sorting-organizing-purging-cleaning-dreaming-failing. I’m making progress at getting rid of stuff, but it’s painfully slow going. It’s been like this for awhile.

What I needed was a shot in the arm.

Between friends and family members, I’ve been hearing about the KonMari method and a revolutionary house cleaning book, so I finally decided enough was enough, and I was going to read it and see if I could give myself a little fire under the feet.

Thanks to one of my SIL I had the idea to rent it from the library rather than buying it. (because I hate spending money) So, I got myself a good ol’ library card, and checked out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. Because if you’re going to do a thing, do it properly. It took me a couple days to even have the time to sit down and start the first one, but once I did, I finished it in a day. And now I’m on to the next one.

So much truth in one small, simple book! Her message really spoke to me, and one of the really important things that I personally took away was the option to actually KEEP things. For me, that was important, because I  really like purging. But sometimes, I need to know it’s okay to keep something. Just because.

I haven’t started the purging process yet, so I’ll let you know what I think as I go along. But I am so encouraged! I can get rid of things. I can keep the things I love. I’m half scared/can’t wait to start.

It’s a problem. Mostly because you’re supposed to start with your clothes first, and I’m really, truly worried I won’t have anything to wear. Which would make going to work awkward.

Embrace the battle!